#GetThatJobToday - The Who, Why and How

We all want to give our families the absolute best, which is especially true during the holidays, but with the costs of year – end celebrations and back to school budgets added to your monthly expenses in December and January, how can you still afford to #InvestInYourself and prepare your job hunting tools so that your 2019 job search starts off on the right foot?

DIYMYCV and MyCVworX have come together in an initiative to help you #GetThatJobToday, without breaking the bank.

By collaborating and focusing their combined efforts through the #GTJT initiative, DIYMYCV and MyCVworX are able to offer top quality CV revamp and job-seeker services at the lowest and most affordable prices possible. These discounted services are aimed at assisting job-seekers to #TakeControl of their job hunt and #SecureEmployment in 2019, while eliminating some of the financial pressure involved in doing so.

#GetThatJobToday - How may we ``service`` you?

At GTJT, we are extremely passionate about personal development, empowerment and alleviating unemployment, and we take your job hunting needs seriously. Whether you are stuck in an unemployment rut, only beginning your career now or looking for that promotion, our services can effectively help you to market your skills and abilities; with the right people, in the right places.

Our professional CV revamp services consist of so much more than “just a new template”. Based on extensive experience in, and expert knowledge of South African recruitment processes as well as surveys and research conducted on the market, our templates are structured to follow the most widely accepted layout and include information that is considered to be a requirement, according to the majority preference amongst SA Recruiters and Hiring Managers.

Service Prices valid from 28 November 2018 to 31 January 2019

CV Revamp
Once off

Service includes:

  • Review of current/original CV content to define what is outstanding according to SA market requirements.
  • Emailed request for additional/outstanding information and guidance on how to provide the correct information in order to complete your CV
  • Updating CV content as supplied by the client via email feedback into our professionally designed templates
  • Ensuring correct use of grammar, spelling and sentence structure
  • Completed CV provided in MS Word and PDF via email
CV Revamp + Cover Letter
Once off

Service includes:

  • CV Revamp service
  • Generalised Cover Letter that matches the theme and overall look of your CV, supplied in MS Word and designed for easy editing, with clearly marked fields to be amended according to the requirements listed in the job spec you are applying to.
  • Detailed explanation of where, when and how to edit and use your cover letter, included upon conclusion of services.
CV Revamp, Cover Letter + 3 X Job Portal Profiles
Once off

Service includes:

  • CV Revamp service
  • Cover Letter as detailed above
  • Account created or updated on the Pnet, Careers24 and Careerjunction job portals
  • Guidance on how to effectively utilise your portals included upon conclusion of services
Basic Career Kick Start Workshop
Once off

Online Training, available via mobile app covering:

  • Job Portals: How to effectively use them
  • What you need to know, when applying for a job
  • Interview basics
  • What to expect on an employment contract?
Professional CV Content Editing
Once off

Service includes:

  • CV Revamp service
  • Inclusion of basic keywords relevant to your position and industry, integrated throughout your CV to assist when going through Applicant Tracking Software
  • Moderate content editing, wording or rewording as needed

(Pricing valid until 31 January 2019, standard price thereafter R500.00)

#GetThatJobToday - You need to know this! (Service Disclaimers)

The CV Revamp (only) Service:

Please be advised that our CV revamp does not include rewriting, creating or editing the content of your CV. Instead, it is an update of your CV information into a modern, and professionally designed template, including all information that is considered required for the South African market (as stated above). Additional/outstanding information is requested via email.

Whats the difference between our CV and a google/internet cafe CV? – 11 years + Recruitment experience and in-depth knowledge of the market utilised in the development of our templates; driving our professional consultation and earning us a solid reputation for assisting job seekers to effectively market their skills, in the right places. (No need to mention the modern, designer template that will help you POP)

The Professional CV Editing Service:

Content editing does not mean that we ‘fabricate’ information on your behalf. All information is consistently verified and checked with the client to ensure that our policy surrounding content editing is upheld at all times, throughout the process. When needed, we facilitate consultation with the client and provide additional research to demonstrate and ensure that what has been edited and displayed in your final CV is an accurate depiction of your skills and expertise, and a true reflection of you. Through our consultation, we are able to guide you in assisting us to define what is relevant and applicable, thus allowing us to supplement and edit your content factually.

Now where else are you going to get a CV with all of that?!

Job Portal Service:

Please note that this is a profile and content update service only. We do not search for or apply to vacancies on your behalf once the profiles are complete. Instead, our Job Portal service ensures that your fully updated profile is ready for you to connect to and market yourself with Recruiters and Companys. It allows you to search for and apply to vacancies directly with the company or through the portal itself and receive notifications of vacancies that become available and fall under your search filter parameters.
Because we really care about the effectiveness of each clients job hunt, we give you an additional guide on how to navigate your portals successfully

Thats what we call value for money!

#GetThatJobToday - I like what I see, so what's next?

If you have decided which service you would like and are ready to get started, please email the following to accounts@getthatjobtoday.co.za

• Proof of payment
• Current CV
• Recent photo

Please be advised that we do work on a payment upfront basis and can only commence with our services once the above has been received.

Payment and receipt of documents will be confirmed by our Administrator via email, and a Consultant will be in touch should there be any outstanding information required for the completion of your CV. Correspondence is preferably carried out over email as this makes our interactions trackable and ensures accountability to commitments made. Please contact us directly to inform us if you are having any technical issues on your emails, as this can directly affect turnaround times. Our general turnaround time on CVs is 5 – 7 working days, depending on how soon you come back to us on our queries. Turnaround time does not include weekends and Public holidays. Additional services such as job portal profiles may increase the turnaround time.

Banking Details

FNB (Current Account)
Account Name: Recruit Mint Link T/A GetThatJobToday
Account Number: 62201322500
Branch Code: 250 655

 We prefer that clients either do an EFT or deposit at the ATM as there are larger fees for cash deposits made inside the bank. Please use your full name as a reference so that we can track your payment on our statement. Please note that we cannot be held liable for an unprocessed payment if the incorrect reference has been used.

#GetThatJobToday - Let's get in touch

#GetThatJobToday - If you could help someone get a job, would you?

We all know that without a decent CV you are likely to be overlooked for a job. Many unemployed South Africans send badly written applications, designed at internet cafe’s and never hear back from their potential employers. Your CV is by far one of the most important tools in your career toolbox.

Driven by a deep passion to assist job-seekers to effectively market their skills, we’ve made sure that the #GetThatJobToday initiative doesnt stop with providing affordable prices and services.

DIYMYCV has joined with MyCVworX in a drive to reach our goal of sponsoring 1 000 unemployed job seekers and assisting each one with a modernised and content optimised CV, edited by professional CV writers.

As providing these services does incur costs, we are asking that you assist us in reaching this goal, by sponsoring or donating towards a CV Revamp. No matter how small the contribution is, each donation will help us to reach and assist as many unemployed job seekers as possible.

Help us to help them reach their employment goals for 2019

#GetThatJobToday - Are you an unemployed job-seeker in need of assistance?

If you are currently unemployed and would like to receive a donated CV, please fill in our basic registration form.
Your details will help us to contact you when a donation becomes available, but will be kept confidential.

Donation recipients will be chosen according to need and on a “FIRST IN, FIRST OUT” basis.

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